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From the experience of the past and observation of present, conclusions have been drawn for the future.

For we must not leave the furtherance of talent to chance.

Everyone should have the chance to become that for which he was given the abilities at birth.

Man´s true wealth in this world is contained in the good that he creates.

The deep sense of success …
In a world in which the winner means everything and the loser nothing it is easy to draw false conclusions.

The right way is to couple success with effort and forward development and not with the gains of external competition. In a word the answer is “challenge”.

Success is  peace of mind – the result of self-satisfaction in the knowledge that one has done all in one´s power, to become the best it is possible for one to ever become.

The Right Attitude

The analysis of the manner of thinking of successful athletes confirms:

“Attitudes are the wood from which sportsmen are carved. Mentally strong competitors are disciplined thinkers”.

The Right Energy

Like the eye of a hurricane, around which the racing winds whirl, the top level athlete with the right energy remains relaxed and calm – an indispensable prerequisite for top performance.

The Right Focus

The task is to train the mind so that it sees everything and does not allow itself to be distracted by anything. I have no power over the wind but I can keep my emotional reaction to the wind under control and if I do that then in a certain way I master the wind. Therein lies the key to being a winner.