Kids World Group
Corporation & Associated Companies

Overall Brand Communication – The Royal Road to the Consumer: The consumer – especially the young consumer has enhanced himself in rocket-speed. He is now mature, critical and demanding not only in respect of quality of goods and services but also in respect of the quality of his very own experiences.

The young person wants relevance, attitude and entertainment! Kids World Group Corporation and their daughter companies are able to provide just that.

Young people change and modify requirements and with that they change specifications. Kids World Group Corporation is, due to their structure, able to meet these expectations as well.

Kids World Group Corporation provides a pool of interest
to young people through the daughter companies.

Kids Sporting International Management Ltd

Provides sport facilities and IT technology campuses all over the world.

KWG Foundation

Promotes social change through project work that focuses on ensuring society’s long-term viability.

Kids Virtual University LLC

Here the children can get first experiences of university campuses.

World Virtual Business School Ltd

This part of the group caters for post graduate students and college students who have not been accepted to a major college due to oversubscription of the courses.

Kids World Trade Center Ltd®

Gives the children access to a vast Cyber Department Store.

Kids World Financial Services Ltd

Gives the children first insight to the financial world.

Kids CyberCash House Ltd®

Provides the means for the children to pay for their entertainment.

Kids World Entertainment Ltd®

Has the latest games, music and videos on hand.

Kids World Health Services Ltd

Is able to provide health insurance policies, educational policies and a lot more.