UNIQUE Selling Proposition

Founder Norbert Drusel established his first campus in 1973. All those who supported his work shared a common belief – the education of every child is a perfect interplay of sport, music, painting, theatre, and language.
Time in this case is not an enemy but a friend. We have enough time. Time for perfection and to do it properly – in order to maintain those standards which have long since become legendary throughout the entire world. All these years success has been loyal to Kids World Group because the belief and the dedication of the staff and the children rekindled the fire.

The main focus of Kids World Group is…
the art of taking a bearing on essentials,
of keeping things in perspective,
of giving things support,
of simplifying the complicated,
of stabilizing the unstable,
of preserving the transitory.

Children of our future… we are constantly making plans. We analyse what is past, we make programs for the future. And yet, we still do not always succeed in perceiving the detail and wonder that surround us in the present with absolute clarity: to enjoy the messages conveyed to us by our senses and to live each day – every day – to the full.
The deep sense of success… In a world in which the winner means everything and the loser nothing it is easy to draw false conclusions. The right way is to couple success with effort and forward development and not with the gains of external competition. In a word the answer is “challenge”.

”Success is a piece of mind” – the result of self-satisfaction in the knowledge that one has done all in one’s power, to become the best it is possible for one to ever become.
We believe we have discovered the scene in which effort appears graceful and the improbable seems possible. The campus is a voyage of discovery for every child through the world of languages, of music, of the theatre, of painting and of sport. The echo will still resound in old age. What would childhood be without dreams?
The stipendium … From the experience of the past and observation of the present, conclusions have been drawn for the future. We must not leave the furtherance of talent to chance. Everyone should have the chance to become that for which he was given the abilities at birth.

Man’s true wealth in this world is contained in the good that he creates.